We just made a teaser video of our last show at The Brooklyn Bowl NYC, check it out, share it, comment it, like it, etc.. :) merci !!!


Featuring: Ras Abda G on bass, Kika Jackson on drums, Miguel Weissman on harmonica, John Ladeau on lead guitar, Patrick "Dreaddy" Fevrier on percussion and David Langlois on voc,djembe,rhythm guitar...

 Featuring: Miguel Weissman, Ras Abda G, David Langlois, Kika Jackson (behind DL), Patrick "Dready" Fevrier and Diego Javier Cebollero

Featuring: Miguel Weissman, Ras Abda G, David Langlois, Kika Jackson (behind DL), Patrick "Dready" Fevrier and Diego Javier Cebollero

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The Brooklyners play an acoustic cocktail of roots Reggae

standards and original material, blending tastefully 3 part harmony,

powerful bass lines and a dreamy harp ...

Featuring: David Langlois, lead voc/guitar/drums; Ras Abda G, bass/voc; Kicker Jackson, drums/voc; Diego Javier Cebollero, guitar; Miguel Weissman, harmonica/voc


For the past  five years and over 250 shows, The Brooklyners have been

playing NYC festivals (Atlantic Antics, BEAT festival) playing some great

venues like The Brooklyn Museum, The Brooklyn Conservatory of Music but

also Garcia's at The Capitol Theater or The Ardmore Music Hall without

forgetting our weekly residence:

Every Saturday at AOC East in Manhattan 10pm to late 


The Brooklyners have been offered By Rock & Roll Playhouse to play Reggae

music to the youth, and we love it so much that after NYC, we are extending

to Philly and Portchester...more to come  :)


July 15th noon at Brooklyn Bowl NYC

July 21st 1pm at Industry City NYC

July 28th 1.30pm at Garcia's at Capitol Theater Portchester NY

August 25th 1pm at Industry City NYC

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Repertoire :

- C’etait L’Hiver  (Francis Cabrel)

- Clandestino (Manu Ciao)

- Couleur Café (Serge Gainsbourg)

- Down on my knees  (Ayo)

- Front door (Gregory Isaacs)

- Jamrock (Jr Gong Marley)

- Jerusalem (Alpha Blondi)

- L’auvergnat (Georges Brassens)

- La Javanaise (Serge Gainsbourg)

- Legalize it  (Peter Tosh)

- Les Vieux (Jaques Brel)

- Mangui dem (David Langlois)

- Mellow mood   (Bob Marley)

- Mon Amamte de St Jean (Lucienne Delyle)

- Natty easy natty  (Gregory Isaacs) 

- Natural Mystic  (Bob Marley)

- Night nurse (Gregory Isaacs)

- No woman no cry   (Bob Marley)

- Padam, Padam, Padam  (Edith Piaf)

- Politiki (Alpha Blondi)

- Rastaman chant  (Bob Marley)

- Rat race  (Bob Marley)

- Recool you  (Gregory Isaacs)

- Rosie (Francis Cabrel)

- Satta massagana (Abyssinians)

- Stir it up  (Bob Marley)

- Stop that train (Peter Tosh)

- Stranger in your town (Gregory Isaacs)

- Talking blues (Bob Marley)

- Terre (David Langlois)

- Three little birds  (Bob Marley)

- Time will tell   (Bob Marley)

- Waiting in vain (Bob Marley)

- War (Bob Marley)